WSO2 Debuts Carbon, Industry’s First Fully Componentized SOA Platform

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On February 9, 2009 WSO2, the open source SOA company, announced the debut of WSO2 Carbon, the industry's first fully componentized service oriented architecture (SOA) framework. Due to fact that WSO2 Carbon is based on OSGi specification, it enables you to build an entire SOA platform by integrating middleware components. This componentized framework allows you to deploy only the components you need and to realize significant savings in SOA project time, money and staffing. With Carbon, WSO2 also announced the release of the following products.
All these componentized products are based on the Carbon framework, hence they inherits the enterprise-class -capabilities: management, security, clustering, logging, statistics and tracing.

The WSO2 Carbon SOA platform uses OSGi as its underlying modularization technology. Therefore Carbon provides you all the benefits that OSGi provides. It supports the ability to plug in new components over time and also customize the middleware to support your enterprise architecture. For an example, you can add mediation capabilities to WSO2 WSAS with no effort. you just need to download the required plugins and install them into WSAS. It is that simple.

Adapt middleware to your enterprise architecture, instead of adapting your architecture to the middleware. Try WSO2 Carbon based products and see the real power of them. Let us know your comments