Tooling capabilities of WSO2 WSAS

Friday, August 15, 2008

WSAS comes with several tools that are useful to Web service developers as a whole(& especially to developers using Axis2).
Some of them are,
  • WSDL2Code generator - Give us your WSDL(online WSDLs are also supported) & we can generate both service & client side Java code for you.
  • Java2WSDL (WSDL View) - Generate/View WSDLs from Plain Old Java (POJO) Web services
  • WSDL Converter - Still running on WSDL 1.1? convert it to 2.0 using our WSDL Converter
  • Try It - Give us the URL of your WSDL & we generate a UI through which you can call the service
  • AAR Validator - Validate your Axis Service Archives & services.xml